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. french's french fried onions. available in the french's stay-fresh can. >>> the mother from indiana who lost both legs protething her kids -- protecting her kids from a tornado he will now recover at -- will now recover at home. she was released from the hospital when powerful storms ripped through southern indiana she laid on top of her 8 and 5- year-old to save their lives. house fell on top of her but the kids are fine. doctors say she will have prosthetic legs in three months. >> i am going to push down harder and see if we can't get prosthetics cerne because i am ready to get up and walk again. >> she seems like an incredible person. they have a sek home they have been renning out and friend and family remodeled it to make it more wheelchair accessible. >>> what a brave soul and in indiana not dealing with a whole lot. nice and quiet a few clouds streaming in across the area. about a lot of the nation is quiet and we are in that clear skies, so with that temperatures really able to drop off this morning. freezing in aberdeen. 32 before you step out the door aberdeen make sure to bu
the tornado that knit indiana. you can see the school bus being lifted, thrown across the treat into a business. and just three minutes prior to this, the kids were able to get off the bus safely. >> come on. >> 11, go negotiation. >> that was a quick thinking bus driver. she got them all off to safety. these are images we have been seeing for weeks. and that is devastating video. >> exactly. i like how she kept it calm. that's the thing. you need to cover your head. we look at indiana. they have the chance for some severe weather to pop off. storms are rolling through that area. and this is potentialally what is sliding into us as we go into the evening as it gets more together we'll have that tomorrow morning. nice and clear. that's why the temperatures are dropping out there back to charlie. >>> and the governor signed an executive order during his time as maryland's governor. why two weem are happy he used that power. lin zoo. >> and shopping for groceries. the new giant that replaces the old one. >>> the mega millions. what are the odds of having the numbers tonight. you pr
alive in a field after a tornado hit in indiana is mourning her death. 20-month-old angel babcock died after being taken off life support. >> angel has been reunited with her parents. we want to thank god for all of you for all the many thoughts and prayers you provided. god will bring you and all of us out of this. that is what it will take. >>> angel's parents and two young siblings died in that tornado. >>> well most of us give little -- get little if any sleep and all of us would love more. >> i think you are right. we are talking about sleep and how much you get. the two-ways health officials say you can get a better night's rest. >> they are trying to dig through debris from the tornadoes. the misery residents in the henryville indiana what they are facing. that's know after the -- snow after the tornado. >> and we are mainly clear and dry, but there are big changes coming up in the forecast. details coming up. >> reporter: and for the monday morning drive, the accident in anne arundel county has been cleared. what's on tap for the monday morning commute? no accidents on the majo
. big batch of rain back off into indiana, portions of illinois as well. and then as we look even further you can see into missouri and also kansas a little bit of a wintry mix out there. that won't get to us. we're going to focus in on the rain. the rain will start to push in here as we go more into the evening. so future trend is going to pick up on what i'm talking about here. as i put this in motion, this is ahead of a cold front. this cold front will get closer to us by this evening. we will have the chance for showers. so we're picking up, thinking maybe 11:00 this evening, goes back into motion. it pretty much gets out of here by the time you wake up tomorrow. but what i'm going to do, i'm going to keep the chance of showers in for the commute to work tomorrow. looks like everything will be out of here though by sunrise. so that is definitely looking good. we'll get more sunshine in here as we go throughout the day on friday. and that will even continue as we head into saturday. even in sunday but temperatures will be a little cooler but not today. no type of cool weather.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4